Telco data decision will fuel data warehouse growth

The decision by the Home Office not to pursue a centralised communications database will give a £2 billion spur to data warehouse investment by UK telcos and ISPs. According to Jonathan Saunders, vice president of international operations for data warehouse vendor Dataupia, those same telcos will be looking for cost savings by adopting new cost-effective solutions.

“Our core array is increasingly leading in price comparisons,” he says. The company already has 160 telcos as clients worldwide with 200 installed systems. Compared to traditional warehousing solutions like Oracle and Teradata, or rival solutions like Neteeza, he says Dataupia is able to deliver high volume data warehouses at lower overall cost.

“We are able to provide high performance in a lower footprint, including energy consumption, which is extremely attractive in locations like Central London. BT is saving 60 per cent on its operating costs,” he says. Dataupia has doubled its client base and significantly increased revenues over the last year.

Saunders believes this will continue as telcos and ISPs look to meet requests from police and intelligence services. “Our solution sits in the client organisation and calls up that data in the background so when a request comes in, it can be validated, fulfilled and sent back. It removes the need for an army of people to write SQL queries,” he says.


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