Telegraph chief Pugh joins M&A

David Pugh, former marketing director at The Telegraph, will join poster company Mills & Allen in the new position of commercial director in February.

Pugh, who signed the contract on Friday, says he considered a number of options – chiefly in TV – since resigning from newspaper group last month (MW November 2).

“Mills & Allen’s offer looked the most exciting for a number of reasons,” he says. “The poster industry is poised to make a giant leap forward with the imminent arrival of Oscar II, the medium’s growing share of ad revenue, product innovation and new players entering the market.”

Another attraction was future opportunities within M&A parent Avenir Havas, but he stresses: “My new role is initially with Mills & Allen in the UK.”

Pugh will report directly to M&A chief executive Colm “‘Cuilleanáin, overseeing the existing client services, product development and marketing departments.

“It is a marketing role, although it encompasses more than that,” “‘Cuilleanáin explains. “He will work with the board developing strategies and optimising company profitability.”

Pugh’s previous job at The Telegraph remains unfilled, deputy managing director Len Sanderson confirms. A permanent replacement is still being sought.

In a separate move, Avenir Havas and Independent Newspapers have joined forces through their respective subsidiaries, Sirocco and Avenir, to launch Sirocco International. The new arm will develop advertising opportunities using street furniture.

The 50/50-owned subsidiary will design and develop an eight sq metre panel for towns and cities of over 20,000 inhabitants and a two sq metre site for cities with more than 50,000.

Avenir France md Philippe Santini is the new company’s chairman and chief executive. Sirocco managing director Vincent Piot is vice-chairman and md.


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