signs up to Google Android

Telegraph Media Group has signed up as the first UK publisher to launch an application on Google Android, the internet company’s new operating system for mobile phones. The TMG application will give consumers access to its website.

The launch coincides with this week’s release of the first Google Android mobile phone in the US. It provides access to the “Android Marketplace” where content developers can publish unique applications for users to download in order to customise their new phones.

The TMG application will allow users to view the latest news, finance, sport, travel and motoring news from

The application is free to use and can be downloaded wirelessly from the Android Marketplace, where other US publishers have also built applications, including MySpace.

TMG chief information officer Paul Cheesbrough says: “Mobile access to our content and products is a growing part of our offering, and Android provides us with a rich and innovative platform to reach our customers.”

Android will be available in the UK before Christmas through the G1 phone, sold exclusively on T-Mobile.

The platform was developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google, with members including LG, Samsung and eBay, and has only recently opened its code to developers to build applications.


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