Telegraph media was not up for review

Last week I received a call from a reporter about a story indended for publication in that week’s edition of Marketing Week.

The story was based around rumours of plans to review our media buying at the Telegraph Group. As marketing director for the Telegraph Group, I am directly responsible for all of our media buying. Any decision to review our account would be made by me. As such, I categorically denied the rumours.

I was, therefore, surprised and disappointed to see that the published article (MW last week) ignored my response, and included no reference to my denial. This, as you can imagine, has only fuelled the rumours and speculation, and caused my team a great deal of inconvenience.

I hope that this letter will, therefore, set the record straight, and that in future any such clear denial will be included in the original article, to avoid such damaging inaccuracies.

Katie Vanneck

Marketing Director

Telegraph Group

We accept that a denial was made. It was cut out of the copy during the production process. We apologise for its omission – Ed. include your home/business address


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