Telegraph ‘not behind Times’

Your article entitled “Times Sports Daily launches first” (MW May 10) is nonsense. The Times’ copycat supplement, in its guise as Sports Daily, was launched on Tuesday May 8 and as such, is far from stealing a march on The Daily Telegraph.

On Monday May 7, The Daily Telegraph launched its daily sports section, and followed it on May 8 with the first Tuesday standalone section. The Daily Telegraph has indeed stuck to its promise of becoming the first broadsheet newspaper to produce a standalone section dedicated to offering the best in sports journalism on a daily basis. The Telegraph was the first UK broadsheet to launch a separate Monday sports supplement (in 1990) and also as the first to launch a Saturday supplement (in 1998). Is it any wonder that others follow in our wake?

Jeremy Deedes

Managing director

Telegraph Group



First in the same job, twice over?

Marketing Week

I have read Marketing Week for many years and have always been impressed by the way it covers marketing news in depth and at speed. Sometimes, however, the subbing goes a bit astray. “Jazz FM hires its first head of marketing” offers a good example. “Jazz FM has appointed Nicola Young as its first head […]

A reader with a beef writes

Marketing Week

In Iain Murray’s back page piece, (MW May 10), he writes that Phoenix the calf is the “sole survivor of a wholesale massacre of…kith and kin.” Surely that should be “kith and kine”? Bob Pierce Ambience London SE5 For the uninitiated: “kine” is a Biblical word for “cattle” – Ed


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