Telegraph trade campaign to push broadsheet benefits meets with mixed reaction

A Telegraph Group campaign aimed at the company’s advertising agencies has met with mixed responses. The “Impact, not compact” push highlights the fact that the Telegraph papers are the only broadsheet newspapers not to have committed to a change in format.

The stunt-based campaign, aimed at reinforcing the broadsheet as a powerful advertising tool, has raised eyebrows in pubs and restaurants chosen for their proximity to the headquarters of many top agencies.

Giant chairs and outsize beer mats, containing the campaign’s line alongside Telegraph branding, have been distributed. And “artists” have painted identical pairs of landscapes on huge frames and tiny frames outside media agency offices.

Vizeum head of press Alex Randall says: “I think this campaign must have been prompted by the Guardian group’s announcement about going for the Berliner format. I think it works: the fact that The Daily Telegraph will be the only daily broadsheet left on the market will be its point of difference and should be its selling-point.”

But an industry insider says: “I can’t fault the marketing idea, but I’m not sure the message rings true. If you’re talking impact, then the tabloid Times has made more impact on consumers at the point of purchase. Just because something is bigger, it isn’t necessarily better.”

Telegraph marketing director Katie Vanneck denies the campaign was a response to any of the company’s competitors and says: “We’re the market leader and we wanted a campaign reflecting that position for the benefit of our agencies.”

Guardian Newspapers recently confirmed The Guardian will change to the new Berliner format this autumn, with The Observer following suit early next year.


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