Tenor of invite was misread

I am writing with regard to your article, “Disgust at More Group’s fat tenner” in the Diary (MW last week). On behalf of the marketing team at More Group Ireland, I would like to apologise to the UK market for any confusion caused by our recent invitation.

We are promoting Ulster to outdoor specialists in the UK. As the region is undergoing dramatic development and rebirth, and given that Ulster is remote from the mainland, we elected to invite the outdoor specialists to visit the region and see for themselves what an attractive market Ulster is for advertisers.

Unfortunately, our creative invitation, which used a &£10 note and the tag line “thought that would get your attention”, was misinterpreted as something more sinister and underhanded.

We in no way attempted to bribe or solicit business from the UK specialists and we regret any confusion caused by creative mechanic. In the future, we will be more sensitive.

Terry Buckley

Managing director

More Group Ireland, Dublin 4


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