Tesco boosts Clubcard online and iPhone app

Tesco is boosting its digital activity with the launch of Clubcard online and an overhaul of its iPhone app.

The supermarket is planning to launch online accounts for its Clubcard loyalty programme next year.

Alison Wright, senior marketing manager for Clubcard, stresses the online move is still in “planning stages”.

She adds: “Ultimately, our aim is to offer customers more choice in how they operate their Clubcard account. They’re online more often and are looking to us to make the weekly shop and managing their rewards as simple and convenient as possible.”

The online launch is part of the wider changes to the reward programme revealed last week.

The supermarket is also adding a barcode reader to its iPhone grocery app to allow shoppers to add items to their online shopping basket “more quickly and simply”.

Tesco claims the barcode reader is a first for the grocery industry and enables shoppers to use the app to scan grocery items wherever they are, at any time and add them to their online shopping list.

CEO of Tesco.com Laura Wade-Gery says: “We’re always looking for ways to make life easier for customers and for busy mums in particular. This is the perfect solution for iPhone lovers that are always forgetting to add items to their shopping list .”