Tesco gets rid of Santa’s naughty list for Christmas ad

Tesco is hoping to provide some reassurance this year that even if you have done something naughty you can still treat yourself this festive season.

Tesco is getting rid of Santa Claus’s naughty list for its Christmas ad and instead asking everyone to give themselves a break after a tough year.

The ad, created by BBH London, shows people from across Britain worrying about the things that might put them on the naughty list this Christmas. It opens in a Tesco store, before travelling across the UK, following multiple people as they prepare for the festive season.

We hear each character’s inner monologue as they share confessions they worry might put them on the naughty list – from bad video call etiquette to buying too much loo roll. As they deliberate over whether they are allowed a festive treat, we hear the voice of Tesco encouraging them not to think twice after the year we’ve had.

The campaign comes after research from Tesco found that 78% of British people admit to doing something “naughty” this year.

Tesco’s chief customer officer, Alessandra Bellini, says: “At Tesco, we want to help customers celebrate and this year that didn’t just mean fabulous food and drink – they told us they were also looking for a bit of joy after a tricky year.

“Hopefully our ad will deliver that, while providing reassurance that – no matter how dodgy that home haircut was – you’re not alone and after this year, you’re definitely not on the naughty list, so embrace the festive treats.”

Tesco wanted to create a humorous campaign rather than a sombre reflection on the year after surveying 2,000 UK consumers. Almost three-quarters (74%) said they wanted to see light-hearted content in this year’s Christmas ads.

The TV ad comes in 60- and two 30-second versions, and is set to the soundtrack of Britney Spears’ song Oops!…I did it again. It also includes press, outdoor, radio, social media and in-store activity.