Tesco Clubcard initiative presses the right buttons

The announcement that Tesco is doubling Clubcard points was unsurprisingly met by disparaging claims that the scheme is designed to give the supermarket a boost to reverse the slide in market share it is suffering.

Rosie Baker

Tesco is, of course, staunchly denying this is the case and maintaining it is a wholly customer-focussed activity to thank and reward its loyal shoppers with something extra on top of its in-store promotions and low price proposition.

While Tesco won’t put an end date on Double Points, I’m not sure it matters if it’s temporary market share boosting ploy or a long-term offer.

From now until Christmas at least, shoppers will get double the reward they would have got before – that’s an awful lot extra for doing nothing different at all.

Particularly, now that sales and price cuts are ubiquitous on the high street, discounting feels less rewarding. I find my eyes beginning to glaze over at the sight of sale signs, and neon window signs promising 70% off are failing to register as there’s been no let-up in price promotions since December.

Tesco’s initiative is a huge, and well-timed gesture to all existing Clubcard holders and yet another reason for those who aren’t members to think about joining.

Ipsos Mori did some research for customer interaction specialist The Logic Group which found that 46% of consumers don’t feel they are part of a loyalty scheme and that only a quarter of those that are, feel ‘very satisfied’ with what they get from it.

Personally, I’m one of the non-members and don’t hold loyalty cards for any retailers, as I’ve never felt I wanted to give over all my personal details to a retailer that would potentially let them know more about my habits than I know about them myself.

I’ve considered it more recently as price promotions have lost their shine. Retailers such as Tesco and Boots have been ramping up their loyalty offers and the additional benefits are becoming more appealing. This latest offer from Tesco might just push me over the edge.

After all, going on track records, I think I’d rather Tesco had my details than the government.



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