Tesco eyes FMCG in brands push

Tesco is to launch two additional “venture” brands, which are owned by the supermarket but don’t carry its branding, as part of its strategy to develop its own portfolio of branded goods.


It will launch a feminine hygiene range, expected to include sanitary towels and tampons, under the brand name Halo to take on existing FMCG brands such as Always and Bodyform, in the new year.

It has also just launched an eco washing and laundry brand called Naturally Powdered, which includes a range of fabric conditioners, laundry powder, washing up liquid and household cleaning products.

It first outlined plans to launch a raft of global “venture brands” in May and currently has four ranges.

The first to launch was Chokablok ice cream, followed by Italian food brand Parioli and pet food brands Lathams and Nutricat.

Tesco launched its first non-food brand in the portoflio last month with toy brand Carousel and expects it to overtake sales of Fisher Price branded toys in the UK next year.


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