Tesco greens-up but faces new allegations

Tesco will start providing electric car charging facilities in a bid to showcase how business can lead consumer adoption of “greener lifestyles.”


The move is to be announced this week to highlight ways the supermarket can help consumers opt for greener lifestyles without tax and regulation intervention from governments.

The service will start as a trial in London and roll-out nationwide if successful.

The announcement comes ahead of a speech this week by Tesco chief executive Sir Terry Leahy at the School of Economics that will argue for green innovation by businesses.

The group is also set to announce that it is to build the world’s first zero-carbon store in Cambridgeshire.

The supermarket and its rivals came under attack from green campaigners today for encouraging illegal deforestation.

Greenpeace says in a report all four leading supermarkets source meat products reared on land which has been illegally cleared in the Amazon.

The campaigners’ investigation also accused brands such as Nike, Adidas, Timberland and Clarks for sourcing leather linked to destruction of the Brazilian rainforest.

The pressure group’s report is timed to coincide with global talks taking place in Bonn today on a new global warming treaty which is expected to include measures to protect forests.


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