Tesco launches daily dozen price campaign

The New Year price war between Asda and Tesco has intensified after Tesco launched a “daily dozen” price pledge to counter what it claims is Asda’s “false” price guarantee.


Tesco claims that the Asda Price Guarantee, which claims its prices are 10% cheaper than rivals, is so complicated that only 0.5% of Asda shoppers have logged on to the site to check if they can get a refund.

In response to the 10% cheaper price claim, Tesco says it has reduced the “complicated” Asda Price Guarantee system down to “only” 12 steps and in retort is highlighting a dozen products every day that are not cheaper at Asda (see below).

Tesco also claims that if all Asda’s customers claimed the vouchers when Asda was not 10% cheaper, it would cost the supermarket £22m in refunds every week, which equates to £1bn a year.

Tesco commercial director Richard Brasher says: “The Asda 10% cheaper price guarantee is misleading and confusing, so we’ve tried to make it simpler. Tesco’s daily updates will show Asda shoppers just a few of the popular groceries Tesco is cheaper on – so they know how to qualify for their refund from Asda.”


Discount Supermarket Aldi has also joined the price war with the Aldi Challenge. It claims that customers could save up to 40% when compared with the Big Four supermarkets.

Sainsbury’s is aiming to appeal to families looking to save money on their groceries with its “five meals for £20” promotion. It has also extended its “Feed your Family for a Fiver” deal by offering the ingredients to make five family meals for only £20.



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