Tesco Mobile pushes simplicity of offer

Tesco Mobile is launching a campaign to promote the simplicity and value for money of its unlimited pay monthly tariff.

Tesco Mobile campaign
Tesco Mobile campaign

The brand messaging will aim to communicate that the mobile network offers an alternative to the complex offers already in the market.

The TV ad, created by The Red Brick Road, starts by copying what the agency claims is the “dreamy philosophical style” used by many big mobile networks, but then ends with a “straight talking down to earth guy who simply and honestly tells the viewer the great deal on offer”.

The nationwide campaign launching tomorrow (September 19) includes TV, outdoor, press and radio.

Lance Batchelor, Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms chief executive says: “This is a humorous and light-hearted campaign but at its heart there is a serious message – that Tesco Mobile is on the side of the consumer.

“We’re not going to tell people that there’s a philosophy behind our tariffs. This campaign is an antidote to fluffy messages. It simply focuses on what we can give our customers, which is unlimited calls and texts for £30 a month.”

This year, Tesco announced its intention to double its number of in-store phone shops to around 100 by next March, taking on the likes of Carphone Warehouse.


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