Tesco named most valuable retail brand

Tesco has been named the UK’s most valuable retail brand in a global report by Interbrand.


The report values Tesco at $10.1bn (£6.2bn), followed by Marks & Spencer, which it values at $6.1bn (£3.7bn).

The report highlights that brands such as Tesco and M&S have fared well by offering good value through price and positive retail experiences throughout 2010.

Tesco invested more in brand marketing than any of its rivals in 2010 and demonstrated a “flexible and responsive position” through its Clubcard, online platform and mobile apps, according to the report.

The report found that M&S’s strategy to steer clear of a “short-term, price-only” positioning and focus on long term plans such as becoming a more sustainable retailer have helped build its brand value.

It also highlights how Waitrose, which is rated as the UK’s 9th most valuable brand, catered for consumers’ demand for value by introducing its own brand Essentials range.

Interbrand says: “The brands that got it wrong offered less, for less, by slashing prices and failing to invest or innovate. The brands that did well managed to focus on price without compromising on experience or product quality.”

The Most Valuable U.K. Retail Brands 2011 include:

1. Tesco $10.1bn (£6.2bn)
2. Marks & Spencer $6.1bn (£3.7bn)
3. Boots $2.5bn (£1.5bn)
4. Asda $1.4bn (£0.9bn)
5. Next $1.3bn (£0.8bn)
6. Argos $912m (£565m)
7. Sainsbury’s $849m (£526m)
8. Morrisons $429m (£265.9m)
9. Waitrose $338m (£209.5m)
10. Debenhams $202m (£125m)



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