Tesco overhauls Clubcard rewards

Tesco is cutting some of the rewards available in its Clubcard loyalty scheme in a bid to keep running the Double Points promotion.

The supermarket is reducing the current “multiplier” partner reward rate and reducing the points customers can earn on fuel from 2 points per £2 to 1 point.

Currently, when claiming rewards, Clubcard holders can claim a voucher to spend in Tesco stores or redeem it with a partner brand for four times as much. From 6 December it will be reduced to three times as much.

Tesco claims that the “vast majority will be better off” than before Double Points was introduced and the changes ensure that it can continue to run the promotion “for the foreseeable future”.

A spokesperson says: “It was putting a lot of demand on our partners and if we wanted to keep double points, we had to find a way to keep it sustainable. “If we had kept the 4xrate it would have narrowed the scheme.”

The supermarket says it is not getting rid of any partners and by reducing the demand on existing partners, it can bring more partners on board and offer a more diverse range of rewards for Clubcard holders.

Tesco says that it is confident that Clubcard is still “better than any other reward schemes”.



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