Tesco plans Finest revamp to boost quality perception

Tesco is planning a revamp of its Finest product range as it looks to raise perceptions of the quality of its food among consumers.


So far, the changes are only small scale, with a limited number of products, including yoghurts, getting packaging updates. The revamp includes a change to the ‘Finest’ logo to make all the letters lower case, while the old labels have been replaced with a new image.

But Tesco tells Marketing Week there is more to come as the firm moves to revamp the brand and raise the profile of Finest. It has already inked a deal with ITV to sponsor the new series of its hit TV show, Downton Abbey.

A spokeswoman says: “Customers have noticed new packaging in store. Along with the Downton Abbey opportunity, this is part of exciting things to come [for Finest].”

Tesco’s own-brand labels are increasingly important as competition within the supermarket space continues to grow. The firm has already revamped its basic range from ‘Tesco Value’ to ‘Everyday Value’ in a bid to improve consumer perceptions over quality.

And it now looks like Tesco Finest will follow suit, with the firm recently trademarking a whole range of new products under the Finest name. Tesco says it sells more than 12m Finest products a week.



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