Tesco reveals BOGOF-Later to reduce food waste

Tesco is to offer a staggered approach to buy one get one free (BOGOF) promotions in a bid to reduce waste.

Consumers will be able to buy pick up their second, free product at a later date, instead of having to take both at the same time.

Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco chief executive revealed the BOGOF – Later plan at the launch of the “Consumers, business and climate change” report published by Manchester University’s Sustainability Consumption Institute, today (16 October)

BOGOF deals came under fire in the Government’s Food 2030 report in August for encouraging shoppers to buy products they didn’t need and contributing to high levels of food waste.

The Tesco chief pledged that Tesco would become a carbon neutral business by 2050 and revealed a number of initiatives designed to reduce the carbon emissions in the retailer’s supply chain and measures to help consumers reduce their carbon emissions.

The green Clubcard points scheme will be extended to encourage carbon conscious purchasing, and customers can access the “Tesco Home Energy and Emissions Service” to get advice on home insulation and green energy use.

Leahy says: “For Tesco a revolution in green consumption is a fantastic opportunity to break the link between consumption and emissions, and in doing so to satisfy a new consumer need, and grow our business. That is the goal of a sustainable business.”


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