Tesco rolls out ads for Everyday Value

Tesco has rolled out an advertising campaign to champion the improved quality of its recently launched Everyday Value own label range.


The campaign includes press, outdoor digital and TV activity to highlight improvements to the products and packaging of the supermarket’s basic range introduced earlier this month to replace Tesco’s Value range.


Press ads show images of the range with a focus on products for breakfast and dinner time and the changes such as cereals now fortified with vitamins and fish fingers made with 100% fish fillet.

The campaign is likely to be the last major work carried out by incumbent agency Red Brick Road. The agency, which has help Tesco creative account for seven years pulled out of the pitch process last week clearing the way for a new agency to take over the supermarket’s brand communications.

Tesco announced the tender of its advertising account earlier this month shortly after launching the Everyday Value range and ahead of CEO Philip Clarke’s strategic update, which highlighted a need for “better, clearer and more relevant” marketing.


Lara O'Reilly

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