Tesco store goes self-service only

Tesco is to open its first store with no staffed checkouts as part of a trial.

Tesco self service checkout
Tesco self service checkout

The Tesco Express store in Northampton will have only self-service checkouts, supervised by one staff member.

The supermarket claims the store will employ the same number of staff, it would if there were checkout staff, but in different job functions.

Tesco says that the trial aims to look at how self-service tills can provide a better service in smaller stores by putting its staff on the shop floor, closer to customers.

“The checkouts are supervised at all times to ensure customers get the same great service and the feedback has been good so far. New technology has a part to play in doing a better job for customers but we will always have staff on hand to offer that personal touch.”

This week Tesco also opened karaoke kiosks outside some stores to capitalise on the The X Factor fever sweeping the country, and give customers the opportunity to star in their own music video.

Last week, Sir Terry Leahy announced that Tesco would offer delayed buy-one-get-one-free deals, to help customers cut down on food wastage by allowing them to claim the second, free item at a later date.


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