Tesco to sell Jack’s products in its supermarkets for first time

The move forms part of the supermarket’s 100th birthday celebrations, and it could suggest Tesco is testing the waters for something more long term.


Tesco is selling Jack’s-branded products in its supermarkets for the first time this month.

Selected products from its recently launched discount store business, including orange juice and onion rings, will appear alongside Tesco’s main own-brand ranges in 851 stores throughout May, all priced between 55p and £1.50.

It forms part of Tesco’s 100th birthday celebrations, which has seen the UK’s largest supermarket slash the prices of hundreds of products, as well as offering Clubcard customers 50% discounts on selected items.

But it also seems like Tesco is testing the water to see whether it should incorporate Jack’s into its main stores in the long term.

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Tesco launched Jack’s last September as part of ramped-up efforts to directly take on German discounters Aldi and Lidl by offering consumers a “bespoke” experience.

Nine branches have opened since then, with the plan to have between 10 and 15 Jack’s stores in the UK overall, making use of both existing Tesco space and new sites.

Speaking at the time, when asked why Tesco decided to launch a separate brand rather than simply offer customers a cheaper alternative in existing Tesco stores, boss Dave Lewis said: “It’s a very competitive market but in all of my 30 years in marketing I’d rather cannibalise myself than have somebody else cannibalise me.

“Our job is to always be pushing ourselves to be better and if we can do better I’d much rather that Jack’s is challenging Tesco.”