Tesco unveils festive “Finest” food ad

Watch the ad here

Tesco is launching the second of its Christmas TV ads starring Amanda Holden to promote its “Finest” food range.

The ad stars Holden alongside Tesco brand ambassadors Mark Addy and Fay Ripley.

The ad features Addy and Ripley coming to Holden’s rescue with a range of Tesco Finest party food.

Richard Brasher, currently Tesco’s trading director, who will take over as CEO from Sir Terry Leahy next year, believes that this year could be Tesco’s “biggest yet”.

In the run up to Christmas, Brasher says Tesco stores are stocking a larger range of Finest products tp encourage people to trade up and treat themselves, but not at the expoence of its value ranges.

“Good, best and Better is a real feature of Chirstmas rang but we know people trade up so we’re stocking more Finest without forgetting the value range,” he says.


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