Tetley Tea Folk return

Tetley has “bowed to consumer demand” and confirmed the return of its Tetley Tea Folk.


The news comes after intense media speculation over the return of ’Gaffer’ and the gang.

The new series of adverts, designed by MCBD, will start on 20 September during ITV1’s Coronation Street. They form part of a £9m campaign for the brand.

Since the characters last appearance in 2001 Tetley says it has received more than 10,000 enquiries demanding the return of the characters.

Confirming recent media speculation, Adele Henkes, Tetley senior brand manager says she is “looking forward to introducing the Tetley gang to a new generation of fans”.

There are rumours that the characters have undergone a modern makeover, though the company has yet to release the exact details of the ads yet.

Tetley is known for phrases such as ’That’s Better. That’s Tetley’ and ’Tetley make tea bags make tea’.

Records show that more than 157 million cups of tea are drunk each day in Great Britain.


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