Tetra Pak hands global overhaul to Ogilvy

Ogilvy Group UK has been appointed to handle a multi-million pound global strategic review of the Tetra Pak packaging brand. Ogilvy won the task in a pitch against four undisclosed agencies.

Ogilvy will be responsible for ensuring that the Tetra Pak brand name is as recognisable and well-known as the packaging itself. Tetra Pak was introduced in 1952 and revolutionised the packaging industry with the launch of its tetrahedron carton.

Tetra Pak is aiming to strengthen its brand positioning among consumers and businesses, and has tasked Ogilvy with “capturing the essence” of the brand. Part of this “essence” is the company’s stance on environmental and social initiatives, says the company.

In 2003, the packaging brand rolled out advertising focusing on its green credentials. However, the strategy met with some criticism. In 2004, Tetra Pak was forced to quit the 95 organisation, a group of companies that pledged to ensure all their policies were environmentally friendly, after an ad campaign was shown to be misleading.

In a £4m push, rolled out under the banner “Protect what’s good” and created by Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO, Tetra Pak claimed its cartons were made from sustainable resources. A television execution featuring trees sprouting in tarmac-covered cities stated: “Because the trees we use are replaced by even more trees, when you choose cartons you’re helping to grow more forests.”

At the time, environmental charity WWF said the claims were misleading and Tetra Pak was forced to back down.


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