Thames Water creates virtual town game to reduce waste

Thames Water has launched an online game that aims to encourage people to conserve their water use and engage with the brand in a “fun” way.


Waterwisely is an online interactive town that customers and non-customers can explore to learn about reducing their water bills and protecting the environment.

Thames Water customers can also use Waterwisely to order free devices to help reduce the amount of water they use in the shower and can share their progress in the game via Facebook and Twitter.

The utilities company says the game could help its 8.8 million customers save up to £75 off their energy bills each year.

Andy Freeman, head of digital communications at Thames Water, says: “We wanted to create something really unique and engaging for our customers that was fun, useful and creatively led – there is nothing else like this.”

“By creating innovative and fun communications, over time, we will enhance the brand reputation of Thames Water.”

He adds that Thames Water research says that more than 90% of people feel guilty about wasting water, so it was important the company developed a way to make them use less of it.

“[That] is why we have created something a bit different, rather than trotting out the same old water-saving tips.”

Thames Water worked with lead digital agency View PLC to develop the game.



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