The agency’s new clothes

There was shopping-based hysteria at marketing agency Iris recently with the opening of fashion boutique Joy just round the corner from its offices.

To celebrate its first day of trading, the shop was offering the first 25 people through its doors a complete outfit for free. Sorry, that’s the first 25 people through the doors dressed only in their pants.

So, without a moment’s hesitation account manager Anthony Abrahams, creative director Grant Hunter, junior creatives Chris Dodd and Dan Kennard and studio director Adam Brocklebank (right to left in the top picture) stripped down and sprinted through the bewildered pedestrians who had the ill fate of finding themselves between the shop and office. The lads did attempt to retain a little dignity by attaching an extra layer, in the form of an Iris logo, to their pants. Or that could have been to cover any unsightly stains, the Diary wouldn’t want to speculate.


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