The air-brained scheme for those who like to bottle up their feelings

It is with trembling fingers that the Diary is this week able to bring you news that the world of marketing may have finally attained some kind of higher state of consciousness.

It could be time to reassess the whole industry now that entrepreneur Andrew Ainge has gone and raised the bar in a style unseen since Dick Fosbury revolutionised the high jump with his eponymous flop. For Yorkshireman Ainge has founded a company selling fresh-air bottling equipment.

Now, the Diary is well aware that the idea of selling fresh air is not new. Indeed, it has a can of “Hero Breath” from the lungs of Japanese Olympic champion Yukio Endo sitting proudly on its desk, and hankers after a &£20 bottle of fresh air from the Brecon Beacons.

But this is different. For if, like top 1980s crooner Russ Abbott, you love a party with a happy atmosphere, you can now simply bottle it yourself to keep for all time.

Ainge himself explains: “We are not selling pre-filled bottles of atmosphere. We are selling a memory-capture device.”

How can you not feel in awe of a man who comes up with the idea of selling bottles to fill with air but also uses the phrase “memory-capture device”?

So far Bottled Atmosphere is producing kits for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and births. And if you want something to remember a loved one by, there is even a last breath kit.

Bizarrely the company is also sponsoring the team attempting to break the world water speed record and a Cancer Research ball in Newcastle.

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