The Back Room – Emma Sanders, Head of data planning, Information Arts

What does your job involve? Is there a lot of pressure?
While we do a lot of proactive planning in advance, when the time comes for campaigns to go live, my job can become a bit pressured. It’s absolutely key that the client expectations are managed, while co-ordinating data across multiple suppliers to get everyone working to the same deadlines. It’s not just a question of placing an order for data – campaigns take a great deal of careful planning, research, negotiating and implementing.

Are you part of a team or do you work alone?
As part of a team, – I couldn’t do my job without the support of my colleagues, they’re like my second family.

In what ways does your work see the light of day?
How is it used by your company?

Unlike the lovely and visible creative that goes into many DM campaigns, the data works its magic behind the scenes. So I guess you could say it only really reaches the light of day when businesses see the improvement in their campaigns from using good data. Data planning is a crucial part of any campaign and it helps that we are a data independent company, which means we firmly believe in ensuring that the client’s receive the right data, irrespective of ownership.

What is the best thing about your job?
No day is the same, as no piece of client work is ever the same – so there is a huge variety to my working life. Information Arts works with both UK and international mailers so we have to keep on top of new developments in terms of lists and data legislation.

What technique/application/piece of data would make your life easier?
A good European business email file would be great. B2B email data is not as extensively available as postal data. It is collected through a variety of methods and this means it varies wildly in quality. My life would be a lot rosier if I could track down Brad Pitt’s telephone number too!

What are your ambitions?
Career-wise I am pretty happy doing my part to keep Information Arts as a key player in the B2B sector.

You have a life – what do you get up to in it?
What? Have a life other than data – are you sure? Seriously, I have spent the last three years trying to finish the renovations on my house (DIY is not my forte). I am also the lead singer of a very cheesy covers band based in Oxford (good rates available for all bookings if you mention Data Strategy).


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