The battle to stay relevant

Rich media certainly adds a welcome sheen to email marketing techniques (MW 18 August), but we should not forget that the real battle with this channel is getting the targeting and messaging spot on.c

With email, it’s essential that relevancy and accuracy are prioritised because consumers are already so suspicious of spam. Any communication that isn’t instantly recognisable as something the consumer wants to engage with and respond to will be ignored or rejected, and this can damage the brand and email as a medium in general. Once a targeting error has been made, this may put the consumer off for good.

With HTML5 and other technology emerging that can bring email marketing to life, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to use this channel to open up a meaningful dialogue with their customers and prospects. However, unless they research and target their customer base thoroughly, no amount of sophisticated technology will make up for sending the wrong message to the wrong person.

Gary Johnston, Director of data operations, More2



Tap grad potential

Marketing Week

It is hardly surprising that the economic climate will cause a struggle for graduates to find jobs, forcing them to consider fields to work in that were not necessarily their first choice (MW 26 August). Also, with more candidates applying for fewer jobs it’s a given that competition for places is high.


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