The best 2013 Super Bowl spots

This year’s big game is just over a week away and there is already a solid line-up of brands offering viewers a sneak peek at their 2013 efforts. Marketing Week picks out some of the best.

Mercedes-Benz – Kate Upton teaser

The former Sports Illustrated cover girl stands by as a group of football players wash her car for her.

Volkswagen – Sunny Side

With its The Force advert from two years ago regarded by many as one of the best Super Bowl adverts of all time, Volkswagen is looking to hit similar heights with its latest effort. The advert is made up of a series of YouTube video meltdowns from a women weeping over cats in her Eharmony video bio to a man having an Original Video Game Freak Out’ and smashing his Xbox. Soundtracked by reggae legend Jimmy Cliff’s rendition of the ‘The Partridge Family’ TV show theme song ‘Come on Get Happy’ the advert is set to be a viral hit.

Volkswagen – ‘Get In, Get Happy’

The car marque’s full Super Bowl spot has managed to stir up online controversy just days before the game over its use of a white actor speaking in a Jamaican accent. Volkswagen has defended the advert, adding its protagonist is meant to portray an “upbeat perspective and intelligence.”

Doritos – Crash the Super Bowl 2013

Long time Super Bowl advertiser Doritos has unveiled the five finalists for its annual Crash the Super Bowl contest where fans can see their advert shown during half time. We’ve picked out one of the funnier ones above.

Wonderful Pistachios – Gangnam Style

The food business has roped in South Korean pop-star Psy to perform a special version of his YouTube viral sensation Gangnam Style.

Coca-Cola – The Chase

Coke’s teaser sees a group of cowboys, showgirls and bikers chasing a bottle of coke across a desert only to find it was only a sign and they’ve got 50 more miles to travel. It ends with a call to action to visit a campaign site to decide which group wins.

Toyota – Wish Granted

Toyota’s teaser features Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco walking through a city street granting wishes with the click of her fingers. The real star of the ad though is the 1995 hit ‘I Wish’ by rapper Skee-Lo that will have your mind cashing nostalgic cheques the moment it starts.

Toyota – Genie

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco returns to grant wishes to an unsuspecting family as the genie of their new Toyota Rav 4.

Gildan – Getaway

The clothing brand’s teaser stars a lip-stick smeared man who wakes up wearing furry leopard handcuffs in a strange room. Taking its cue from the Hangover films with its intriguing setup, the Gildan teases viewers with the question: How far will this guy go to get his favourite shirt back?

Taco Bell – Grandpa goes Wild

The fast-food chain’s advert shows what most of us have wanted to do in an electric scooter at some point in time but have never had the chance.

Taco Bell’s – Viva Young

The TV spot follows an 87-year old Bernie Goldblatt on an unforgettable night out with his friends. The epic night out includes stops at a nightclub and a tattoo parlour before ending at Taco Bell. The fun ad is soundtracked to a Spanish version of pop band Fun’s ’ ‘We Are Young’ single.

Sodastream – The Sodastream Effect

Sodastream is running its controversial spot during this year’s game just months after it was forced to pull the ad in the UK following claims from ClearCast that it ‘denigrated’ the soft drinks market.

Mars M&Ms – Devour

Mars says it will not release the TV spot for its M&Ms pre-game and instead has unveiled a teaser of what we can expect on the big day. It uses the new tagline ‘Better with M’.

Mars Snickers – You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

The Super Bowl-inspired TV spot stars Hollywood funnyman Robin Williams as the latest celebrity to front the chocolate brand’s ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign. It features a hyper-active Williams as an American football coach spouting unintelligible and random instructions because he is hungry. The ad ends with a cameo by comedian Bobcat Goldthwait as a hungry cheerleader.

Hyundai – Stuck

Hyundai’s ‘Stuck’ TV spot shows a young couple taking a road rip. They find themselves stuck behind several hazards including a truck filed with nuclear waste, but are able to navigate successfully around them thanks to the Hyundai Sonata Turbo.

Kraft Foods Mio Fit

The food manufacturer is set to launch its sports drink Mio Fit during this weekend’s game with a TV ad starring comedian and 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan.

Audi – Worth it

If you took your dad’s car to the prom and then kissed the prom queen how would you like your evening to end? That is the question Audi asked its social media fans earlier this month for its Super Bowl advert. Viewers voted on one of three different endings. Watch to see which ending fans chose.

Kia – Space Babies

Space babies and cuddly animals will take centre stage during Kia’s Super Bowl advert as it looks to generate online buzz in the run up to its full debut this weekend.



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