The best results for one to one

The feature Made to Measure (MW April 22) focuses on the small number of companies which are working towards one-to-one marketing.

It is a sad fact that 80 per cent of companies don’t know who their best value customers are and those they would profit from losing, as pointed out by Adrian Jarvis.

However, I agree with Wanda Goldwag that companies which seek a direct marketing agency to help them in a database marketing strategy may not be receiving the broadest advice.

As Alicia Clegg mentions, there are a number of database specialists which can help companies manage, analyse and segment their data with much more accuracy than clients imagined possible.

Indeed, working in partnership with a good data specialist will not only result in your marketing data being refined, but should also ensure that you are helped in exploiting the benefits that technology can bring to the marketing process.

The best results will be ob-tained from a combination of marketing skill with leading edge technology.

I’m not sure they have yet achieved true one-to-one marketing, but as data specialists we are certainly helping our clients to get closer to that goal.

And that not only benefits the client, but the consumer as well.

Geoff Downer

General manager



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