The cause must fit the product

The article on cause-related marketing’ (MW February 19) reminds us all that the public cannot be treated as mindless purchasers.

The results published by Mintel show that consumers naturally develop a negative attitude when they feel that companies are attempting to manipulate their sensitivities for purely material motives.

Cause-related marketing is not best used as a tactical activity. Companies should think carefully about the link between products and causes, especially where partnerships are concerned. For example, the natural partnership between Andrex and Guide Dogs for the Blind is one which consumers can understand and approve of.

For the consumer, there has to be a meaningful link between the parties involved and a genuine commitment to benefit the chosen cause. For the partners, there has to be real synergy in their chosen objectives and values. If it is done properly, this translates into huge benefits for all concerned.

Bob Hand

Managing Director

Affinity Solutions


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