The Co-op launches ethical campaign


The Co-operative Group is launching a multi-channel campaign to urge consumers to “join the co-operative revolution” and help create a more sustainable future for the UK.

The TV, press and social media campaign supports the Co-op’s recently announced ethical business plan and encourages consumers to set up their own co-operative businesses, get involved with community projects, or make simple sustainable changes to their lifestyle by buying ethical products and services such as Fairtrade.

The campaign aims to demonstrate that people from any walk of life can get involved with the co-operative movement. It tells the story of the first successful retail co-operative launched in 1844 to present day co-operatives such as community owned wind-turbines, football clubs and film-maker co-operatives.

Peter Marks, group chief executive of The Co-operative says: “We are beginning to see momentum again at grassroots level, but the opportunity is much bigger. Co-operatives alone are not the answer, but sitting alongside other business and service models, they can help address the unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges facing the country”.

The Co-op says it has doubled revenue, profit and membership over the past three years and recently outlined its aims to be the most socially responsible business in the UK.

It aims to grow its membership from 6m to 20m by 2020, double its financial support for renewable energy and provide the world’s first ethical insurance products.

The ad breaks tonight (7 March) at 9 pm.



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