The COI launches DM operational suppliers review

The Central Office of Information (COI) is reviewing its roster of DM operational suppliers.


The current framework is worth up to £25 -30 million per year.

The current roster of supplier agencies was set up in 2006 and was intended to be used for a maximum of four years.

The framework will consolidate the roster and introduce new elements based on how COI expects the market to develop.

Suppliers will be on the basis of their proven ability in seven specialisms; contact centre (live and automated), data services, email, face to face (field and experiential), mailing house and fulfilment services, digital personalised print, and direct marketing consultancy.

Under new EU regulations, all suppliers “capable of performing the proposed contract” are invited to compete for each piece of business.

The roster has been spilt into seven categories with several subdivisions to provide easy access shortlists.

Marc Michaels, COI director of direct and relationship marketing, says:

“COI prides itself in ensuring we have the very best suppliers across the wide range of direct and relationship marketing activities that we undertake, so that we can develop effective and cost efficient activities on behalf of our government clients and the citizen.

“This is a great opportunity to refresh our supplier base and ensure we are prepared for the coming years to continue to deliver excellent service through excellent supplier partnerships.”

At the end of last year, the COI revealed new frameworks for its merchandising and communications agencies, live event agencies and a five-step plan to put a consistent framework at the heart of Government behavioural change marketing.

The review is expected to be completed by September 2010 with the new framework to go live on 1 October 2010.



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