The country-dwellers debate continues

As debate continues over the right of country-dwellers to dress up on weekends and kill foxes, the Diary has unearthed another blood sport, and it hopes the Government will look at outlawing it immediately. Fly hunting is practised in most houses in the country, particularly in the summer months, yet none of the anti-hunting groups the Diary contacted seemed particularly bothered. Thank heavens then for Plastolan, which has decided that the hunted fly deserves a sporting chance of survival. The advertising gift company’s new catalogue contains a fly-swatter with a hole in the middle. Meaning that the fly will probably die of heart failure instead of being pulverised. Full marks for trying though.


Promotions at Zurich financial services

Marketing Week

Zurich Financial Services has promoted Simon Foster to be top marketer for Zurich Life, while at the same time poaching back a former Zurich Life marketing director Kevin Ronaldson to head Zurich Advice Network. Zurich has also confirmed that former marketing director of Zurich Bank Richard Popper has left the company.


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