The drinks industry is gearing up for the ban

I was interested to read that “pubs are looking to cash in on the Government’s smoking ban by offering advertisers space in outdoor areas” (MW March 2). Your report only touches on an issue that is going to become significant for the drinks industry during the next 12 months.

When a significant proportion of the drinking fraternity will either have to drink outside or stay at home if they wish to smoke, the industry needs to start to think in a whole raft of new ways if it wants to continue marketing effectively to this part of its audience and keep them visiting their local.

Already companies such as our own are working with drinks brand owners to consider new promotions and merchandise to help licensees replicate the entire indoors pub experience outdoors.

The drinks industry has always had one of the fastest-moving and most creative marketing sectors, and already there are a host of new ideas in the pipeline – not just for advertising, but for heating, furniture, bar merchandise, promotional mechanics and entertainment. 

Given a reasonable amount of outside space, there’s no reason why intelligent promotions and careful selection of materials shouldn’t keep

drinkers happy and well motivated to enjoy their favourite brands in the pub – even if some of them will have to do so in the fresh air.

Ian Stead Managing director

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