The Food Commission identifies the most additives in Cadbury products

Cadbury has the most products that contain one or more of the seven food additives that contribute the increased hyperactivity in children, according to campaigners at The Food Commission. The commission found more than 1,000 food, drink and medicine products that contained the additives, with high street chain Woolworths also coming out top.

The Food Commission’s database, which identifies more than 300 products, follows research on the link between food and hyperactivity by the Food Standards Agency in September last year.

Other products in the list include Haribo sweets, Coca-Cola, Mars and Wrigley. Supermarkets Tesco and Morrisons have also been shamed by the Food Commission for stocking products containing E numbers and artificial colourings.

Additives campaign co-ordinator Anna Glayzer says: “We found the additives in products such as sweets, cakes, drinks and medicines – many of which are targeted at children.”

“We believe there are hundreds, if not thousands, more products for sale in the UK that contain these additives,” she adds.

The Food standards agency has not banned the food additives but has asked the European Food Safety Authority to review the evidence. It will report its findings later this week.


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