The Founding 50


Alberto Pisanello

Assistant brand manager, Nestlé

My love of marketing all started with advertising. I fell in love with how it enables brands to build incredibly strong emotional bonds with people but I stayed in marketing for everything that this discipline can offer: entrepreneurship, business administration, statistics and creativity.

I started my journey in marketing in 2016 with a joint internship at Twitter and Nestlé in London, and I currently work at Nestlé on the Milkybar and Smarties brand team. I will never regret choosing this path.

To get young people excited about marketing we need to show them marketing is not just about cool TV ads or fancy Instagram posts – marketing is much more than that. From brand management to innovation and digital analytics, it can be a springboard to almost every industry and discipline. Of course advertising is an exciting part of the mix, but there are so many other aspects in marketing that anybody can find their place.