The Founding 50


Chris Malby-Tynan

Digital marketing manager, Automaton Games

I started my career agency side working with some top technology companies, including Canon and Microsoft. The beauty of going into an agency straight out of university was I was able to apply myself in so many areas, such as creative, digital and account management.

I’ve been working in marketing now for three years, since graduating in the summer 2015; it’s been a rollercoaster.

I became interested in marketing very young because I used to do lots of charity events. Since I was 10-years-old, I’ve raised more than £100,000 for different causes, primarily cancer charities.

I realised quickly telling people I was going to do something for some cause was not enough, I needed a story. Once I started doing this, I raised many more funds for worthy causes and realised I had a talent: to gather people behind a common purpose or, in the immortal words of Seth Godin, to form a tribe.

More clarity would help get school age children into marketing. Before I got to university, and in many ways not until I got into my first job, did I fully appreciate the different areas you can work in as a marketer. From art work to animation, design to account management, there are so many areas where you can play a part in developing a company’s marketing assets.