The Founding 50


Cicely King

Assistant brand manager, MoneySuperMarket

I entered marketing as a graduate. I started in PPC and moved over into the brand marketing team. I’ve been in marketing for three years now, with 18 months in each role.

I’ve always had an interest in the media, advertising and insights into how groups behave – this is why I studied sociology at university.

I was exposed to the world of digital and brand marketing during an internship at university, and this gave me the push to pursue a career in marketing because it was fascinating to see the technology and insights being used.

More education on the range of roles and pathways available would encourage more school age children into marketing. Often you will only know about this if you have a family member in marketing – I didn’t realise the full range of roles until I began work. If more school age children knew how their skill set or interests would benefit marketing it would encourage more diversity in marketing, which leads to better ideas.

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