The Founding 50


Crystal Eisinger

Strategy and operations manager, Google

I still don’t know if I’m ‘in marketing’ but I started off my career as a strategy consultant where I helped retailers and consumer packaged goods companies use their data to inform customer segmentations, which in turn informed their marketing strategies.

I’ve been in the industry for five years. What inspired me is simple, I love trying to understand people, specifically how and why they make the decisions they do as they go about their daily life. For me, marketing is just a fancy way to describe understanding people.

Banishing acronyms will help encourage more young people into marketing. Using real language that humans understand to describe what happens at each stage of the marketing process is so important, as is highlighting the link between marketing and popular culture. Demonstrating the variety of skill sets and experiences required to make an idea come to life and showing that people who look like them and speak like them are leaders in the industry.