The Founding 50


Danielle Smith

Social media manager, Curated Digital

I got into marketing through a love of writing, starting with my current company in a combined content and social role. As it turned out, I was much more drawn to the social side in the end, and here I am today.

I have been in marketing for over two and a half years now. I was inspired to get into marketing for the reach it can have. I’ve always been interested in how different forms of media can reach so many people and I wanted to be a part of that. And where better than social media?

I think the first step is to introduce the idea of marketing as a career choice, as I don’t think it’s on many kids’ radars at school. It certainly wasn’t on mine. Especially from a social media marketing point of view, so many children have all this social media knowledge and skills, but probably don’t know they can make a career out of it. I definitely think the first step is awareness. Kids have to see it to believe it. If, like me, they don’t even know that such a career path exists for them, I want to help show them and open their eyes to the possibilities.