The Founding 50


Hannah Urbanek

Head of marketing, Think Productive

I spent three and a half years studying my BA in management with emphasis in marketing at university and have since worked within the industry for almost four years.

What interested me in marketing was the combination of creative and strategic work, as well as how varied your career can be.

My decision to study marketing was also influenced by growing up watching my dad work within the sector and spending a lot of time doing work experience and shadowing him, especially while he was working as the vice-president of an advertising agency.

Young people will be more likely to pursue a career in marketing if there is more exposure to the different career paths within the industry, as well being told what a day-to-day job as a marketer could look like and how they can get into marketing. As soon as they can see first hand how other people have built their careers in marketing, they can start picturing doing it themselves.