The Founding 50


Harry Seaton

Managing director, Fluential

I’d been posting singing videos onto YouTube and Facebook for a couple of years and while they were doing quite well organically, I wanted to take it up a gear. I decided to try my hand at paid social advertising.

As my audience grew, two things happened: I started helping musician friends of mine and I started working with brands, allowing them to tap into my audience. Fast forward a couple of years and I landed a job as a social media specialist at an agency when I was 18 purely based on the experience I’d built myself.

Now, I run Fluential, an agency specialising in influencer-led content and paid social. I’ve been working professionally in the marketing world for almost four years now. I think what inspired me is the lack of inspiration I saw around me.

Marketing can be so wonderful. It can tell a story, it can make you feel something. I wanted to create adverts that not only performed for people, businesses and brands, but adverts that people remembered.

Marketing can be tough and challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun and extremely rewarding. School age children consume the adverts, but no one’s showing them what happened to bring those adverts to life. When I was in school, I never once spared a thought for the fact that someone, or even a team of people, actually made them. I fear that because of this, many people don’t even realise it’s a profession until they’re in their late teens.