The Founding 50


Imogen Beschi

Marketing graduate, Samsung

I’ve always been fascinated in the immense power of brand over humans. Each individual has a personal brand and it’s the products we use and the companies we associate ourselves with that create our own personal identity.

Advertising is only the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more to marketing. From digital marketing to PR to events, no career or even day in marketing is the same.

Luckily there were people in my family who had worked in marketing, so I realised early on that it was an option to pursue this career path. I therefore made it my goal to gain as much marketing work experience as I could and consequently secured a place on the Samsung marketing graduate programme after graduating from the University of Sheffield this summer.

Many who grow up without being educated on marketing as a career option leave education and realise it’s actually the career they want to pursue, however find it difficult to secure a job due to a lack of relevant work experience. I would love to help change this and make the transition from education to a marketing career a lot easier.

You never hear a child say: “When I grow up, I want to be a marketer”. It would be amazing to change this perception and educate children from a young age that it is an option, and a very exciting one at that. Brands make up our lives nowadays and mould the way we think; it’s the difference between paying 20p and £2.00 for an identical item. The sentiment a company gives off, its reputation and quality can all be communicated through marketing. I would love to see more education in this important subject in schools on top of the more traditional subjects, alongside partnerships with companies so that pupils can begin to gain vital work experience from an early age.