The Founding 50


Jade Bassett

Senior affiliates consultant, Direct Line Group

I first got into marketing after learning about it from my father when I was around 15, which inspired my to study marketing through professional education including university.

It was always explained to me as the department that was creative yet analytical, relationship focused and innovative. I loved how the words you choose in a message can influence how, where and why people buy.

After university I specialised in affiliate marketing and have worked in the industry for six years now. I couldn’t see myself in another industry.

Awareness and support would help get more young people into marketing. I was lucky enough to be motivated by my father to explore business opportunities. I never had a career counsellor at school to give me those ideas, so I had to find out for myself. I’d like to bring awareness to students about all the areas and skills marketing involves and then support them to exploring them.