The Founding 50


Jemi Patel

Digital manager, Day Lewis Pharmacy

I was studying business as my undergraduate degree and one of my modules was marketing, which was the first time I had been exposed to marketing as a potential career.

My professor at the time pulled me to one side and told me that I was doing really well and asked if I had ever considered marketing as a career. I had no idea that it could be my job, I just thought it was a module that I really enjoyed but when she sat me down and took me through all the potential career paths I was sold. I made the switch from business to a marketing degree and have never looked back.

I have been learning about marketing and putting it into practice for about seven years now, and I am constantly learning new skills and most importantly enjoying it. One of the things I love about marketing is how campaigns give the brand a story and an emotional connection to consumers as well as changing social perceptions. 

Young people need to understand the knowledge they can gain from marketing and the ability to learns skills like design and strategy. It’s important we raise more awareness of the different departments of marketing within a functioning business.