The Founding 50


Jessica Houston

Digital marketing manager, PwC

I’ve worked in marketing for four years, including my placement year while at university where I studied advertising with marketing communications.

I was drawn to a career in marketing because of its versatility. It allows me to problem solve, be creative, really understand audiences and people, and is challenging (in a good way).

I managed to get some work experience from a mentor at the time I was thinking about university and it confirmed my interest in the role.

To get more school age children interested in marketing we need to start with awareness. When I was at school we didn't even learn about marketing, it was only when I did business studies that I started to understand what marketing is. It would be great to get marketing on the curriculum or perhaps host challenges where children get to learn the skills required for marketing and put them into practice. I find that talks from practitioners sharing real-life experiences is a great way to inspire and get people thinking.

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