The Founding 50


Kate Peregrine

Global head of social media, Dyson

I took an unconventional route into marketing as I did my degree in architecture. I was inspired by my mum who had always been in the industry and filled our house with stories, like Pepsi wanting to project its logo on the moon.

Once I graduated I had to convince my first few bosses I didn’t want to be an architect but I managed to get there in the end and have now been working in marketing for the past eight years.

We need to help explain what a diverse and exciting career marketing can be to young people. We need to help explain what marketers actually do. Being a doctor or a lawyer is easy to understand and there are plenty of role models in movies to relate to but that’s not the case for marketing. We need to create more role models and help young people realise what it’s actually like rather than just thinking of Mad Men.