The Founding 50


Liam Kingswell

Digital marketing manager, The Millboard Company

I actually fell into my first marketing role more than five years ago after deciding that the forceful nature of a graduate sales role was not for me.

I originally saw the role as a stop gap while I decided what career path to take but instead found that I was in the right career.

Marketing has the power to make or break a brand; the right campaign, executed perfectly, can change an entire nation’s perception of a brand. Similarly, the wrong message can be a brand’s downfall. There’s no excitement like marketing; the more you know and the more responsibility you gain, the bigger the impact you can directly have on business.

More engaging content would get more school age children into marketing. Young adults have favourite brands and celebrities they follow, both of these have teams of marketing professionals behind them creating the image they want portrayed. Explaining that they could be part of the team that created the legendary ‘Just Do It’ campaign for Nike or the hilarious Dollar Shave Club ads would give them the passion to be part of something they relate to and admire.